Fight Master Mike Chin teaching knife - Image by FightGuy Photography

Fight Master Mike Chin teaching knife - Image by FightGuy Photography




Q. Are there any age restrictions? Can my child attend the workshop?
A. At this time, we are not accepting students under the age of 16. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, please contact us before registering. 


Q. What is Pace University’s address?
A. 96 Fulton St. (cor. Williams St.) New York, NY 10038
Q. What are the options for transportation to Pace University?
A. There are several options.
Take 2,3,4,5,A,C,J, Z to Fulton Street. Then walk upstairs.
Other subway stops are the N,R  City Hall stop and the 4,5,6 Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall stop. Both of these put you within a four block walk of Pace University

If traveling from John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) please take a look at this website for detailed options.
And if traveling from La Guardia Airport (LGA) click the link below for more travel options.

Q. How do I get directions from my current location to Pace University or my hotel?
A. Visit or download the free Hopstop app onto your smartphone.
From here, input your current location, and desired location. Make sure you have to transportation option “Subway, Rail, or Bus ” selected to ensure the easiest and most efficient travel options.

Location and Timing
Q. What is Pace University’s address?
A. 96 Fulton St. (cor. Williams St.) New York, NY 10038
Q. Is there a place to leave my personal effects?
A. There will be no lockers or space for personal belongings. You may bring a bag to class.  The New York Summer Sling is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damaged items.

Class Information
Q. How many people are in each class?
A. Class size will vary depending on room size.
Q. I am new to stage combat. Will there be a place for me?
A. Yes. There will be plenty of options for all skill levels.
Q. What is my skill level?
A. If you are brand new, or it has been some time since your last stage combat course, you may be more comfortable with the introductory level classes.
If you are recognized as an Actor Combatant with the SAFD, or have taken a few stage combat classes as well as some martial arts or other movement disciplines, you may be more comfortable with our Intermediate classes.
If you are recognized as and Advanced Actor Combatant with the SAFD, or have taken extensive martial arts or other movement disciplines, you will be comfortable with any of our classes.
Q. Will I know the schedule for each day ahead of time?
A. Due to scheduling issues that tend to arise, we cannot guarantee advanced knowledge before the first day of the workshop. However, we are usually able to post a majority of the event schedule before the start of the workshop. 
Q. How do I sign up for classes?
A. In the past we have run class signups for each day on that particular day of the workshop.  If that changes, class signups will occur on a first come - first serve policy based on when the student registered for the event. 


Equipment and Renewal
Q. What do I need to bring?
A. We suggest bringing athletic gloves for weapons work, knee and/or elbow pads, water bottles, and anything you feel will make your experience a better one.
Q. Do I need to provide weapons?
A. All weapons are provided by the workshop.
Q. What will the workshop focus on as far as weapon styles?
A. The workshop classes focus on combat training for stage, film and television. At every skill level, you can choose a variety of class options to fit your needs.
Q. What if I get hurt?
A. The workshop is not liable for injuries that a student may acquire during the workshop. There is a mandatory waiver that each student must sign to that effect in order to attend the workshop. However, there will be someone on staff who can handle minor injuries (bumps, bruises, scrapes, etc.) if the situation arises. Several people on staff at the workshop are certified in First Aid and CPR.
Q. Can I bring my own weapons?
A. Personal weapons must be approved by the workshop coordinator prior to admission to the workshop. Whether or not the weapon is appropriate for a particular class is up to the instructor at the time of the class.
Q. Will renewals be available? How much do they cost?
A. If you wish to renew any of your weapons, please fill out the SPR form on the registration page, and let us know what weapons you are interested in.

Q. How do I acquire a T-shirt?
A. If you purchased all four days of the workshop, a T-shirt will be included. If you purchased one, two, or three days of the workshop, you can purchase a T-shirt while at the event.